20:12 at Hadleigh Park

20:12 came about though a discussion between Mud Sweat and Gears and Push Sport.  Both independently had been looking to develop an endurance event in the Eastern region so it seemed the natural progression to combine forces and build something together.  Whilst many venues were considered Hadleigh seemed a natural consideration due to the world class level of the MTB course now established at Hadleigh Park.

Push Sport have been organising Cycle Cross events for a few years now and are always looking at new venues so it seemed only natural to include this as part of the weekend.  From that point the idea grew and we went from an event to a weekend.

The name 20:12 was chosen for a few reasons, Hadleigh Park will always be synonymous with the 2012 olympics and the legacy program thats in place, also the event starts at 20:00hrs and is for 12hrs, see simple really!